Photovoltaics for companies

Photovoltaics is gaining more and more popularity among entrepreneurs.

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When the prices of one of the suppliers rapidly increase, it is natural to look for an alternative. In case of a constantly rising electricity costs, a good alternative is your own photovoltaic installation.

Polish entrepreneurs cannot rely too much on economic shields or other aids that would protect them against further abrupt increases in electricity prices. Left to their own devices, they can either accept sudden increases in these prices or invest in photovoltaics. There is no third option.

Photovoltaics for companies brings actual business benefits:
– independence from electricity price increases,
– a certain return on investment in a reasonable time horizon,
– government subsidies for the planned photovoltaic installations,
– reactive power compensation = maximum use of energy for the needs of the plant,
– energy stabilization thanks to its own power source,
– ecology, i.e. responsible, environmentally friendly development of the company.

At Pagra, we have tested many devices and technologies, and  we use the acquired knowledge in the selection of the best photovoltaic solutions for companies. Verified manufacturers provide us with the best components for the construction of photovoltaic installations, thanks to which we can offer a 25-year warranty on the calculated power yield. The precise work of Pagra installers ensures that each installation will be carried out efficiently, on schedule and safely, and thus: you will enjoy cheap, company-owned energy for many years.

Photovoltaics for companies – Pagra’s offer:
– 25-year warranty for a planned power output,
– precise adjustment of the investment to the needs of the enterprise or plant, which ensures maximum profits due to high self-consumption of the produced electricity,
– full economic analysis of the investment, including the annual balance of accounts and payback time,
– installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof or ground depending on the best insolation,
– the best components and the best installation crews = certainty of a properly done installation.


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for a households

Photovoltaic installations for a single-family household is a solution that allows household owners to achieve energy independence.


for the company

Photovoltaics is gaining more and more popularity among entrepreneurs. In addition to the fact that it allows you to become independent of electricity increases set by the power company.


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Thanks to photovoltaics and a heat pump, you will make savings on heating and cooling your household or business.