Photovoltaics is a solution that allows household owners to achieve energy independence.

Are you, just like us, afraid that the prices of the mains electricity will continue to increase indefinitely? Fact: the more expensive it is, the faster your own photovoltaic installation will pay for itself by converting the sun’s energy into electricity for your home.

Financial aid packages will come to an end someday, and further increases in the prices of electricity taken from the grid: probably not. We can safely assume that in a year’s time we will pay much more for it than now. To prevent this, all that needs to be done is to invest in a private photovoltaic installation, thanks to which you  will produce electricity for your own needs.

Photovoltaics for the household brings particular, everyday benefits:
– a source of free electricity for your home,
– government funding that you will receive for a photovoltaic installation,
– significant savings, thanks to which the installation will pay for itself in a few years, and will be profitable for many years to come,
– the ability to power an additional device – a heat pump that heats water or the house,
– no worries about power plant or power grid failures – you produce electricity for yourself.

In Pagra, we have tested devices and technologies from many different suppliers, which makes us know the ones that work best in private installations. We have been cooperating with selected manufacturers for years, which is why they provide us with the best components for your photovoltaic installation. The experience of Pagra installers is the certainty that the photovoltaics will produce electricity for your home efficiently and safely, and we will guarantee its servicing for … years.

Photovoltaics for households Pagra’s offer:
– 25-year warranty for the power of the photovoltaic installation,
– ….. years of warranty for components of the photovoltaic installation,
– fast warranty and post-warranty service,
– adapting the power of the installation to the needs of your home,
– full cost analysis, including the information after how many months the investment will pay off,
– installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof or ground,
– the best components and the best installation crews = certainty of a properly done installation.


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W oryginalnym dokumencie jest w tym miejscu 'Fotowoltaika dla firm’, ale po treści wnioskuję, że to pomyłka i ta część oferty jest dla gospodarstw domowych